Blended Red

Three wines come together to make this blend; Cabernet Franc (60%), Petit Verdot (20%), and Chambourcin (20%). Wines are processed and aged in barrels separately for approximately 12 months. They are then blended in tanks, and put back into barrels for another 3-4 months before bottling. As many as 5 different yeast are used in fermenting these wines which adds to the overall complexity of aromas and flavors exhibited.

Chambourcin, Port Style

The fruitful quality of the Chambourcin grape works well to produce this ruby style port. During fermentation sugar levels are monitored carefully to find the exact time to stop the fermentation with the desirable sugar level, about 7% residual. The wine is aged for a year in French or American oak and finished in 50 gallon bourbon casks that have been aging bourbon for 4 years. The combination of the bourbon soaked wood and the wine come together to produce caramel flavors.