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39892 Old Wheatland Rd
Waterford, VA, 20197
(540) 882-3800

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Friday thru Sunday : 12-6pm.

Weekdays by Appointment:
For reservation call 703-622-9117 or email

Open some Holiday Mondays.  Check website prior to coming. 


We are striving to offer a safe and peaceful environment in which to enjoy our views and wine.  

  • No outside food (inside/outside) 
  • No pets (inside/outside) 
  • Children must be directly supervised at all times and use restaurant manners (inside/outside)
  • Groups of 8 or more require a reservation
  • No limos or buses except by appointment on weekdays or before regular hours Fri - Sun
  • It is illegal to have any alcohol except Terra Nebulo wine on the property including the driveway


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